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Ink Cup Container 50pcs

8.00 excl vat

The Ink Cup is a ring that is filled with pigment and used during microblading or PMU treatments.

It allows easy dosing and ensures that pigment is always at hand during the process and does not come into contact with any other elements.

The container further comes with a convenient lid, so you can seal the container and the pigment stays in place.

By using the Ink Cups you increase the hygiene standards for your clients and make your work easier at the same time.

One pack contains 50 pieces.

Wegwerp Masker

6.61 excl vat
  • Huidvriendelijk.
  • KI - R1 12458
  • 3-laags non-woven materiaal

Jive 5/1

18.00 excl vat
Jive microneedling gel is a powerful blend of skin calming ingredients intended to be used during microneedling treatment. Due to

Tango 5/1

18.00 excl vat
Phi Tango microneedling gel is a mix of skin rejuvenation ingredients that slightly improve the skin elasticity and increase collagen

Ultimate Skin Cocktail 3ml 5/1

12.00 excl vat
A highly concentrated, intense cocktail for the skin with the immediately visible effect that reduces the wrinkles.

PhiLings After Treatment Mask – 5pcs

23.00 excl vat
After-treatment mask with highly concentrated, soothing ingredients to keep the skin smooth. Helps with skin moisture. Promotes the regeneration of the skin cells.

Jive Face Mask 1 x 5pcs

18.00 excl vat
Jive face mask is a special formula of mattifying and anti-blemish face mask, incredibly powerful in controlling excess oil and sebum, intended for young, oily and problematic skin. Contains 5pcs in box

Tango Face Mask (5pcs in box)

18.00 excl vat
This mask instantly hydrates and soothes tired and dull skin upon contact. It is intended for mature skin and dry

Blueberry Repair Calming Face Mask 1 x 5pcs

15.00 excl vat
Blueberry Repair Calming Face Mask is a powerful mask suitable for all skin types. It is designed to help calm

Charcoal Purifying Face Mask 1 x 5pcs

15.00 excl vat
This mask contains charcoal that helps remove dirt from the skin and regulate the skin’s moisture-oil balance. It is enriched

Collagen Nourishing Face Mask 1 x 5pcs

15.00 excl vat
This face mask has nourishing and protective properties enriched with hydrolyzed collagen. This formula helps to repair skin and restore