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Wegwerp Masker

6.61 excl vat
  • Huidvriendelijk.
  • KI - R1 12458
  • 3-laags non-woven materiaal

Phi Foam 150ml

20.00 excl vat
PhiFoam is a universal skin cleanser that can be used pre and post treatments, such as: PMU, microblading, tattooing, microneedling,

Phi Asept Solution

19.00 excl vat
Phi Asept Solution is a gentle antimicrobial formula with deep cleansing effect on the skin. It helps the skin remain clean of bacteria and dirt, before and after treatment as well.

Phi Cleansing Emulsion Face and Body

19.00 excl vat
Phi Face and body cleansing emulsion is a special cleansing formula used on skin before treatments such as: tattooing, PMU,

Self-adhesive pigment container 50pcs

12.50 excl vat
Self-Adhesive Pigment Container represents a mono dose pigment packaging with a cap for hygienic disposal after use.


7.40 excl vat
Wegwerp borsteltjes voor microblading, wimper of wenkbrauwbehandelingen. (50 stuks)

PhiLashes Flocked Lint Free Applicator

14.00 excl vat
The PhiLashes Flocked Lint Free Applicator is used for cleansing the natural eyelashes before treatment. Ideal alternative for the usual cotton swabs that contain fibers that can be trapped between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions.