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Ink Cup Container 50pcs

8.00 excl vat

The Ink Cup is a ring that is filled with pigment and used during microblading or PMU treatments.

It allows easy dosing and ensures that pigment is always at hand during the process and does not come into contact with any other elements.

The container further comes with a convenient lid, so you can seal the container and the pigment stays in place.

By using the Ink Cups you increase the hygiene standards for your clients and make your work easier at the same time.

One pack contains 50 pieces.

Wegwerp Masker

6.61 excl vat
  • Huidvriendelijk.
  • KI - R1 12458
  • 3-laags non-woven materiaal

Phi Foam 150ml

20.00 excl vat
PhiFoam is a universal skin cleanser that can be used pre and post treatments, such as: PMU, microblading, tattooing, microneedling,

Phi Wipes After Care 5/1

2.60 excl vat
Not at home? On the go? Afraid of washing your new brows? No problem! No more washing the eyebrows with

Phi Wipes Block Tonic 20/1

4.80 excl vat
These specially designed, multifunctional wipes soaked with Block Tonic, created to suit the needs of microblading and PMU artists. The

Phi Wipes Asept 50pcs

19.00 excl vat
New improved formula of PhiWipes, alcohol free formula, which is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. A great effort of

Phi Patch Test

14.00 excl vat
A new revolutionary product that will change your approach to any cosmetic procedure! Phi Patch Test is a way of

Phi Wipes MakeUp Remover 50pcs

20.00 excl vat
Specially formulated to gently wipe away makeup and refresh skin in one easy step. Leave skin clean and residue free.

PhiBrows Block Tonic 5ml 100pcs

35.00 excl vat
The basic function of the tonicum is to slow down bleeding and thus prevent the formation of large crusts –

Phi Patches 50x2pcs

32.00 excl vat
PhiPatch is a sterile and waterproof adhesive PU dressing, with high efficiency on bacteria barrier. It is intended to be used after PMU and microblading treatments, as a control of microenvironment of the wound.

Phi Tattoo After Care Gel 5ml

7.80 excl vat
Phi Tattoo After Care Gel instantly stops the lymph in tattoos, permanent makeup and microblading and in that way it