Hair Booster Serum + Tri-MP6

Hair Booster Serum + Tri-MP6

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Product information “Hair Booster Serum + Tri-MP6”

The Hair Booster Serum Set consits of two Microneedling products that help improve hair strength and encourage growth.

Microneedling Hair Booster Serum

The Microneedling Hair Booster Serum is packed full of top ingredients to protect, nourish and strengthen existing hair, as well as encourage new hair growth. It should be applied on clean and healthy scalp skin.

Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6

This new cartridge with innovative 6-needle technology is ideal for skin treatments intending to create multiple microchannels to optimize product absorption.

There is a serum connector on the neck of the cartridge for easy product transfer and insertion. It can also be used with Simplicity Machines.

The amount of needles make it possible to cover a large area of the skin, which makes it perfect for usage on the scalp.

This set contains:

1x Microneedling Hair Booster Serum set 3ml – 5pcs

1 x Disposable Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6 (2.00) – 4pcs


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