Handling Difficult Clients: 3 Golden Rules

Have you ever had a client that left you completely emotionally drained, with a bitter taste in your mouth for the rest of the day? You are not the only one. It happened to all of us at some point in our careers. There is only one difference: how you handle difficult client situations and […]

Our PhiBrows artist is doing THIS to triple her sales. You should check it out!

If you’ve been following PhiAcademy for a while, you will notice that we regularly share business, sales, and marketing tactics that are effective for our artists. One of the practices that has proven to be successful, and that can double or even triple your booked clients and students is definitely – newsletters. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the topic, share […]

Using AI for finding out the latest trends: Stand out in a crowded beauty industry

Do you know the feeling when you start implementing something just before the moment it takes off? And you’re the first one that saw its importance and popularity in the future. The feeling is beautiful, and it can boost your confidence incredibly! But following trends and predicting clients’ wishes is anything but an easy task. […]

Starting a new career in uncertain times

“If only I’d started my microblading career a few years ago, I would have complete freedom by now”“If only I’d quit this job earlier.”“I should have pursued that degree.” Have you ever heard yourself pronouncing something like this? During uncertain times, these feelings are even more emphasized, and you’ll have to admit – during the crisis, you […]

Different points of view on pigment characteristics and performance

Every tattoo, microblading or permanent makeup pigment has three characteristics – technical, chemical and the one related to its price. Technical characteristics include the shade of colour, ease of application, retention in the skin and drying during work. Chemical characteristics include the purity of pigments, the amount of additives in pigments, as well as purity from all […]

How to become the master of a 100% pain-free tattoo removal technique?

When it comes to the removal of old pigments on your skin, the first thing that comes to mind are painful and numerous laser treatments. Even though the old pigments (such as permanent makeup or old tattoos, or even poorly done permanent makeup) can affect our confidence, we tend to give up because we have […]

3 habits of highly successful beauty professionals

Every successful beauty artist (be it a microblading artist, cosmetologist, hairstyler, etc) makes it look so easy to reach and stay on the top. But the truth is…it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s rewarding to pick the fruits of hard work, attend gala events, be invited to speak at the conferences, and be […]