How to become the master of a 100% pain-free tattoo removal technique?

How to become the master of a 100% pain-free tattoo removal technique?

When it comes to the removal of old pigments on your skin, the first thing that comes to mind are painful and numerous laser treatments.

Even though the old pigments (such as permanent makeup or old tattoos, or even poorly done permanent makeup) can affect our confidence, we tend to give up because we have to go way out of our comfort zone.

But did you know that you can remove all of those reddish and faded pigments while relaxing (some of the clients even take a nap 🙂 )?

Introducing PhiRemoval

PhiRemoval is a non-laser treatment used to remove and lighten pigmentation from the face and body, including tattoos of all sizes. As a result of the innovative formulation of PhiRemoval products, this treatment removes all pigments from human skin, including pigments that lasers can’t remove (eye area, titanium dioxide, yellow, and red pigments).

Therefore, PhiRemoval is patented, and tattoo removal uses the same equipment as tattooing or micro-pigmentation.

As soon as the original tattoo ink has been drawn, the tattoo extraction formula starts to work, moving upwards through the skin. Over the next few days, a scab with tattoo ink will form over the treated area. Even more, the ink will be pushed out of the skin as it heals.

Why is PhiRemoval training important for all beauty artists?

When you want to change the decor in a room, you need to remove the old paintings or posters before hanging new ones. Similarly, when you want to change your permanent makeup, you need to remove the old pigments before applying new ones.

Permanent and semi-permanent makeup has been trending for many years now. This means that a huge portion of clients seeking any of the treatments will need their old makeup removed first.

Sometimes, they will want to correct someone else’s previous work and you’ll need to remove at least some parts of it.

And let’s not forget that brow trends use to be “scary”. Occasionally you’ll have clients with extra thin tattooed eyebrows. We promise it will be such a pleasure for you to remove them.

How to become PhiRemoval certified?

If you’d like to start offering a 360 service and become certified at PhiRemoval, our Craft Masters have prepared a complete plan and program, which will help you:

  • Learn the theory
  • Attend the practical part and learn from the industry experts
  • Get access to the CraftMaster App and complete the education
  • Get access to the reputable and successful network

What’s even better, the practical part is completed over a 1-day training, which allows you not to have excuses like lack of time, being too busy, and so on. We all have those, no hard feelings here. 🙂

However, no craft can be learned within a day, so the purpose of this training is to learn how to exercise properly through clearly defined tasks. We will teach you how to progress. And progress fast.
After this live training, you’ll get an attendance certificate, and access to the CraftMaster app. Cleverly and carefully made online courses will be waiting for you. And after you complete them, you’ll be able to become fully certified at PhiRemoval.

You’ll have 6 months for completing these courses, as well as a dedicated Craft Master that will mentor you.

Bob Proctor said it well: “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”

All students receive a Starter Kit, full of Phi products

All Students receive the appropriate Starter Kit, which contains all the necessary tools and products that allow students to successfully practice and work in the future.


We hope that in this article we managed to highlight how important PhiRemoval is, as well as how you can become certified in this technique.

Before we close for today, let’s review the benefits again:

PhiRemoval is the patented technology that:

  • Is safe and non-invasive
  • Can remove pigments that traditional lasers can’t
  • Has a minimal downtime
  • Is versatile and can be used on different parts of the face and body

And to become certified at PhiRemoval, you can:

  • visit the PhiRemoval Course page,
  • sign up for the nearest course,
  • Attend a one-day live training
  • Learn from the CraftMaster app
  • Learn from your dedicated mentor

And start using the fabulous Phi products you’ll get.