Microblading Troubleshooting: The most common fails and how to prevent them

Each microblading procedure is a story on its own. If you ever had a session where pigment won’t stick, or your lines look more like a Picasso painting than a perfect brow, you know how stressful this can be. A little troubleshooting can go a long way. Today we’ll share with you the most common […]

The Impact of Facial Anatomy on Microblading Techniques

A perfect pair of eyebrows on one person might look terrible on another. Why? It’s because each individual’s face is as unique as a fingerprint, and understanding facial anatomy plays a pivotal role in microblading, and these unique traits can drastically affect the microblading result. The eyebrow trends keep changing year after year, from thick to […]

Areola Repigmentation: Reviving the inner beauty

Do you know what is the most frequent question that women ask their oncologists once they’ve found out they have cancer? “Will I lose my hair?” It’s because we’re used to fighting inner battles, dealing with problems that we don’t want to share with the rest of the world. But when it comes to the […]

How can superior aftercare help you scale your microblading business?

How can superior aftercare help you scale your microblading business? During and aftercare is 70% of a microblading treatment success. And the business that scales isn’t the one that sells the most, but the one that cares the best.  If you’ve taken any of the PhiAcademy courses, where aftercare is deeply explored and taught, you already […]

Guiding Your Clients Through the Microblading Healing Journey

As a microblading artist, you’ve mastered the art of crafting beautiful brows. But the process doesn’t end when your client steps out of your salon. In fact, it’s the beginning of the healing process and an intersection where they will decide whether they are satisfied or not. Understanding this journey, sharing it with your clients, and […]

Expanding Your Services: Complementary Treatments to Microblading

As a microblading artist, you are at the forefront of the flourishing beauty industry. But have you ever considered enhancing your services further by introducing additional and complementary treatments? In today’s beauty obsessed world, studies show the growing demand for all-in-one beauty solutions. For example, a Statista report estimated that the global beauty and personal […]

Turn your business around! With microblading courses, miracles are possible!

Right now, Chiara Belleri is living her dream. She’s welcoming clients from all over Italy, mentoring aspiring artists, and connecting with world-recognized professionals, and her name is recognized.But a few years ago – she was working 9-5 from a 15-square meter salon. Not so fancy. PhiAcademy has transformed her life in unimaginable ways, and we’re sharing her story. […]

How to pick the right microblading pigment brand?

The pigment you choose for your microblading business can make or break the final result. The right brand not only enhances client satisfaction but can play a pivotal role in your career and your microblading business. According to a report by American Express, unhappy customers tell around 15 people about their negative experience, while happy customer shares it […]