Turn your business around! With microblading courses, miracles are possible!

Turn your business around! With microblading courses, miracles are possible!

Right now, Chiara Belleri is living her dream. She’s welcoming clients from all over Italy, mentoring aspiring artists, and connecting with world-recognized professionals, and her name is recognized.
But a few years ago – she was working 9-5 from a 15-square meter salon. Not so fancy.

PhiAcademy has transformed her life in unimaginable ways, and we’re sharing her story.

Can you imagine turning a tiny room into the starting line of a dream career? That’s what one ambitious esthetician did at just 18. Even though she loved her work, something was missing. She wasn’t finding the joy and rewards she’d imagined. So, in 2017, she took a leap of faith and enrolled at Phi Academy.

Her journey with Phi Academy was like stepping onto a fast track. She started her training under none other than Branko Babic, the man behind the academy. And you know what? She got her certification in just three months! Talk about quick progress.

But she didn’t stop there, she signed up for advanced courses. She worked hard, refined her skills, and just kept improving. The year 2020 might have been tough for many, but for her, it was a breakthrough year. She earned the title of Master PhiShading, all thanks to her mentor Vesna Jugovic, a Grand Master at the academy.

Fast forward to today, and Chiara’s living her dream. In just a year, she went from a tiny room to owning her studio, where she welcomes clients from all over Italy and beyond. But the success didn’t just stop at her studio’s door. She started teaching others in 2020 and her success skyrocketed.

Being part of Phi Academy hasn’t just meant a fatter paycheck, a dream car, or a lovely home. Sure, all that’s great. But the real prize? She’s part of a big, successful team that’s making waves around the world. She’s also boosting her personal brand and getting the chance to help shape the future of beauty.

From a humble 15-square meter room to a career she loves, she’s come a long way. When asked about her success, she’ll tell you it’s all about finding your Phi – that magical golden ratio of 1.618.

Like Chiara says:

“When I’m asked about the secret to my success, I answer: It is 1.618, it’s PHI. This journey, this transformation, is a testament to the power and the magic that lies in finding one’s ‘Phi”