Guiding Your Clients Through the Microblading Healing Journey

Guiding Your Clients Through the Microblading Healing Journey

As a microblading artist, you’ve mastered the art of crafting beautiful brows. But the process doesn’t end when your client steps out of your salon. In fact, it’s the beginning of the healing process and an intersection where they will decide whether they are satisfied or not. Understanding this journey, sharing it with your clients, and being there for them are crucial for ensuring your client’s satisfaction and your brand reputation.

Let’s compare the healing process to a cross-country road trip. It’s an adventure with the different ground, unexpected turns, and a definite period, but the destination – stunning, perfectly healed brows – is absolutely worth the ride.

Day 1-3: The City Drive (Initial healing stage)

During the first few days, just like navigating the city’s bustling traffic, your client’s brows may appear darker and more prominent. This is due to the natural oxidation process. They may also experience slight swelling or redness. More than 80% of our clients experience mild to moderate swelling during this period of time. But this is a normal part, and an indicator that the healing process is on the right path.

Day 4-7: The Countryside Stretch (Scabbing stage)

This phase can be compared to a peaceful drive through the countryside but with the occasional bump. Your clients may notice their brows starting to itch and scab. This is a critical point in the healing journey, and it’s important to remind your clients not to pick at the scabs. Picking at them can disturb the healing process and potentially remove pigment from the skin.

Day 8-10: The Mountain Pass (Fading stage)

Just like driving over a mountain pass, where the road seems to disappear at times, the brows may start to fade during this stage. Clients may notice that their brows look lighter or patchy, which can be alarming. But much like the road reappearing as you go down the mountain pass, the pigment will reappear. It’s crucial to remind clients that this is a normal part of the process, as the pigment settles into the skin. Their concern might be peaking at this stage, and it’s on you to reassure them, and even double-check how the healing process is going.

Day 28-42: The Home Stretch (Fully healed)

The brows have now fully healed. The color has stabilized, and the skin has completely healed.

It’s important to remind your clients that every person’s healing journey may vary due to factors such as skin type, age, and aftercare. This road trip may have occasional detours or need pit stops but ensuring your clients understand each stage will make the ride smoother and more enjoyable.

After all, the healing journey is a crucial part of the microblading process, and as a microblading artist, you’re not just the driver on this road trip, you’re also the guide, the support system, and the expert that ensures your clients reach their destination — beautifully healed brows that enhance their natural beauty.