Perfect Your Microblading Craft: The Importance of Continuous Education

Perfect Your Microblading Craft: The Importance of Continuous Education

Life-long learning is necessary for any career you choose. If you want to stay relevant, you have to learn new things – it’s simple. But what does continuous education means in the beauty industry? Which aspects you should focus on? And how can you continuously improve yourself without spending years studying?

We’ll answer these questions and more in today’s article.

Our goal is to provide you with as many insights as we can so that you can draw your own conclusions and focus on your continuous improvement in the right way.

A teacher does not simply give a student a pile of books and say “learn this,” but rather guides the student through the material, pointing out important concepts and helping them understand how to apply what they are learning. Similarly, at PhiAcademy, the goal is not to overwhelm with information, but to provide guidance and direction.

That’s why today we talk about two reasons for continuous education and improvement:

  • A rapid change in technologies, products, and procedures
  • Client’s preferences change

A rapid change in technologies, products, and procedures

The technology and products in microblading are constantly evolving, with new tools and techniques being developed every day. New pigments and numbing agents are being developed to give clients more natural-looking results. In addition, new tools such as digital devices and microblading tools are being developed to create finer, more precise strokes.

For example, in 7 years we have had 5 pigment upgrades, each time improving the formula. To stay on top of these changes, you should keep learning about how these changes enhance your services.

As technology changes, microblading keeps getting better because practitioners have new and better ways to achieve their goals. It also means that practitioners need to keep up with these changes and continuously educate themselves on the latest techniques and products. It’s important because it allows practitioners to provide the best possible results for their clients and stay competitive. Last, but not least – it ensures that clients are receiving the latest and safest treatments, which is essential for any beauty service.

Client’s preferences change

Trends and societal beauty standards are constantly changing, so microblading client’s preferences are always changing too. Recently, there has been a trend towards more natural eyebrows, with clients opting for softer, less defined strokes. Additionally, clients are becoming more interested in long-lasting results and are requesting more advanced techniques such as combination brows (microblading + shading).

The change in clients’ preferences is a reason for continuous improvement in microblading because it requires microblading artists to continuously adapt their skills and techniques to meet these changing demands. It is important for these beauty artists to stay current on the latest trends and techniques in order to provide clients with the results they desire. Additionally, being able to offer a variety of methods and styles to microblading clients can increase the range of clients that can be served, which can lead to more business opportunities. Furthermore, by being aware of the changing preferences of clients, practitioners can also anticipate future trends and be ready to adapt to them.

In a nutshell, being informed and educated about these changes and trends allows you (as a beauty artist) to be proactive, instead reactive. And in the crowded beauty industry, proactivity is what will surely set you apart.

How to achieve continuous education and improvement?

If we are to be real – everything mentioned above is way easier said than done. Even once you get certified by a reputable academy such as PhiAcademy, and start working, you tend to spend more time serving clients and developing your career, than updating yourself on new trends, techniques, procedures, and technologies.

So how can you achieve this without sacrificing your working time and losing a work-life balance?

  • Join a network of successful professionals
  • Attend periodic workshops and/or courses/seminars
  • Subscribe to relevant blogs/newsletters

If you were wondering how a network of like-minded professionals and beauty (especially microblading) artists can help you in continuous education, it’s simple – each person will bring something new.

Be it a technology update, new products, or something else, being surrounded by people with similar interests will definitely keep you in the loop all the time.

That’s why all of our PhiAcademy students are getting access to a network of microblading artists worldwide.

When it comes to attending relevant and regular workshops and courses, you can take a look at courses at PhiAcademy and rest assured that the latest updates are always there.

As you can see, on our blog, we are covering the topics you need to succeed in this industry, not just from the technical perspective, but business-wise. So, make sure you bookmarked it and stay tuned for more!