Different points of view on pigment characteristics and performance

Different points of view on pigment characteristics and performance

Every tattoo, microblading or permanent makeup pigment has three characteristics – technical, chemical and the one related to its price. Technical characteristics include the shade of colour, ease of application, retention in the skin and drying during work. Chemical characteristics include the purity of pigments, the amount of additives in pigments, as well as purity from all unwanted ingredients such as heavy metals, carcinogenic aromatic amines, preservatives, etc. The third characteristic is the price.

There are four types of people who give their opinion about pigments.

1. Clients, who are mainly interested in technical characteristics such as the shade.

2. Artists, who are interested in technical characteristics and the price. Since they are the end customers for these products, not clients, they are interested in how easily the pigment is applied into the skin and how long it is retained.

3. Doctors, who will take care of the skin if an allergic reaction or any unwanted outcome occurs after the treatment. Doctors are not interested in technical and chemical characteristics or the price of pigments.

4. Scientists, who study the effects of the chemical composition of pigments on the entire body. Their scientific works prove that the pigment ends up in the bloodstream, lymphatic system, liver, kidneys. In their scientific works, for many years, they have been warning about the high level of heavy metals in pigments and they are constantly trying to prove with their works that it is necessary to bring a lot more regulations in this industry.

Considering that the artist is the end customer, brands and manufacturers of pigments always try to meet their expectations in terms of prices and technical characteristics.

This results in the fact that the market is dominated by brands and manufacturers with good technical characteristics and very low prices, but extreme chemical impurities with a large amount of heavy metals.

The clients do not ask if the pigments are proper or not, because they trust the artists. The artists do not ask if the pigments are proper, because they trust the brands. The brands do not ask if the pigments are proper because they trust the manufacturers. The manufacturers, in order to be successful in the market, meet only the criteria related to the technical characteristics and the price. They are not obliged to worry about the chemical composition for the simple reason that there is no regulation that controls it. There are regulations in a small portion of the world, but they do not work, because artists very easily order pigments online from countries that do not have regulations, such as the USA, Mexico, China

If your artist uses pigments with this sign, you can be sure that you have come to a responsible artist, who buys the purest pigment in the world and also the most expensive one. The price of the pigment is dictated by the purity of the pigment itself. If you have a brand that meets only technical characteristics, the price will be low, while brands that meet both technical and chemical characteristics have high prices.