How to brand your Microblading Business using Digital Marketing

How to brand your Microblading Business using Digital Marketing

Advertising a microblading business isn’t an easy task, mostly because people are skeptical about the nature of permanent makeup.

To turn those people into loyal and trusting customers, it’s necessary to sharpen your marketing skills.

It can be a long run, but it pays off.

That’s why today we are bringing you some ideas for advertising your microblading business and positioning yourself as a professional.

But before we start, let’s break a misconception all business owners start with:

Pouring money into Facebook and Instagram advertising will not help you enough if you don’t have any background.

The main reason is that, as we mentioned, any permanent makeup procedure is something that people are skeptical about. It’s not one of those impulsive purchases that people tend to make when they see Facebook and Instagram ads.

However, it can help you raise awareness of your brand. But if you’re looking for an easy win – that’s not the right way to go.

Here’s what you can do instead:

Define your target audience and what they know about microblading.

Your first step is to define who your target audience is, what they do every day, where they hang out, and what makes them wish to get their eyebrows enhanced.

Here are some questions you can answer to get a better clue about your target audience:

  • Are they working or not?
  • What are their job and their working time?
  • How much do they value self-care? What are their routines?
  • What is usually happening in their life when they decide to try microblading?
  • What is the alternative? Are they pencil-drawing their eyebrows or making up for an eyebrow look with fake lashes, for example? Find your competitors.

Answers to these questions will help you find out who you are talking to, and what your next step should be.

But bear in mind that for any audience type, you’ll have people in at least 4 stages of awareness:

  • Not aware they should enhance their brow look.
  • Aware they need to change their brow look, but don’t know what can help.
  • Know about microblading, but are skeptical.
  • Know about microblading, they are convinced but looking for an expert.

Once you know this, and your target audience, you can create different marketing approaches for each of these groups.

#1 Not aware they should (and can) enhance their brow look.

This is the most difficult group since you have to lead them through all of the stages of awareness to convince them to book a treatment.

For this type, the best approach is to use Social Media platforms to speak about outdated eyebrows and share knowledge about how eyebrows can completely change the shape of someone’s face.

Remember, this type of audience has yet to discover they have a problem they need to fix, so it’s your task to show them that their current eyebrows are ruining their beautiful, natural look.

You can do this by:

  • Sharing before & after photos on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, pointing to the change in someone’s look.
  • Sharing success stories of people that changed their look after they’ve got their eyebrows microblade.
  • Sharing tips for checking whether their eyebrows are symmetrical and a right fit for different face shapes.

#2 Aware of the problem, looking for a solution

Once people become aware they have a problem, they start looking for a solution. At first, they will try to pencil-draw their eyebrows, and explore different treatments.

It’s your task to educate them about the alternatives as well, and present microblading as the best solution (as it is).

You can do this by:

  • Sharing THIS vs THAT posts on your social media platforms. For example, you can point to the negative sides of drawing eyebrows versus microblading.
  • Educating your audience about the benefits of microblading and sharing success stories that focus on results, not just the experience and feelings before microblading.

#3 Know about microblading but are skeptical

Now your potential customers are considering microblading, but they are still quite skeptical. They know it’s a solution they were looking for, but still… a lot of IFs are popping up in their mind.

  • What if it becomes red after a while?
  • What if they become outdated in a few months / or years?
  • What if it’s too expensive to maintain them?
  • What if I go to someone who’s a fraud?

And many other questions.

That’s why you can use your online presence to answer all of the questions and remove the concerns.

Use your social media channels to educate your audience about every single aspect of microblading. Even if it sounds obvious to you, it’s not for them.

The best thing you can do is – every time they ask question, write it down, then create a social media post about it.

You can use the same topic for a variety of formats (blog posts, Instagram photos, Reels, TikTok, and more).

#4 Convinced about the benefits of microblading but looking for the best option.

This type of audience is the closest to booking a treatment, and the easiest to gain.

At this stage, they are not looking for the benefits of microblading, they already know that. They are looking for the best value/price ratio.

At this stage, it’s useful to mention your certifications and testimonials from previous clients, and offer discounts or loyalty programs.



To conclude, if you are looking to start or grow your microblading business, you must gain at least some marketing knowledge and consistently promote your business.

Because if you don’t do it, no one will do it for you instead.

It’s true, word of mouth is still powerful, and it will help you grow your business, but with marketing, your business will for sure skyrocket.

The first (essential) step in growing your microblading business with digital marketing is getting familiar with your target audience – who they are, what they do, what made them think about microblading, etc.

And the next one is getting to know at what stage of awareness they currently are, then creating content that resonates with their current situation.

Because, if you (in contrast) try to offer discounts for people that are not even aware they should enhance their brows, you won’t accomplish your goals.

In the same way, if you are educating people about microblading once they’ve decided to find the best beauty artist, you’ll bore them and they’ll go to someone else.

That’s why at PhiAcademy, we pay close attention to business promotion, marketing, and advertising, not just the skills themselves.

We have plenty of resources that can help you in establishing and growing your business, such as the PhiAcademy blog, Markephing, PhiStock, and more.