7 Microblading business tips we had to learn the hard way

7 Microblading business tips we had to learn the hard way

If you are new to microblading and will be starting on your models soon, you are probably full of excitement! You feel very prepared and ready to nail your career as a beauty artist.

You’re about to enter a very exciting career and to help you stay on the right track, we are bringing you advice from seasoned artists.

Keep a close eye on this article, because it will save you months of trial & error process, and help you achieve business success much faster.

#1 Once you believe you’ve mastered your craft - practice more

The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary it’s neither the talent nor the education itself. It’s the practice. And once you think you’ve practiced enough, it’s time for a bit more.

Just like at the gym.

As a microblading artist, you are dealing with people’s skin, which means it’s not the canvas you can just throw away. One client where your work is not polished enough is enough to set your career in the wrong direction.

That’s why mastering your craft takes time and A LOT of practice.

We know… we were all impatient to start working with clients, booking appointments, and getting compliments on our work. But before you jump into it, make sure you practiced more than you think it’s enough.

#2 Don't let the suspicious pigment ruin your career

Using a reputable pigment will ensure your client’s eyebrows have the perfect color and shape, and that they stay beautiful for as long as possible.

With suspicious pigments (especially incredibly cheap ones), you risk your client’s eyebrows becoming:

  • Faded
  • Full of holes
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow

And if there’s one thing you should avoid at all costs – that is making any of your clients furious.  

Luckily, you can avoid this just by using industry-recognized and verified pigments.

#3 Be gentle

Even though it seems quite obvious, it’s a thing that many beauty artists overlook.

Your job is not just to make people look good but feel good while at your salon. There’s already a misconception about microblading that it’s quite painful, so remember that one of your goals is to relax your clients and provide an enjoyable experience for them.

You don’t want to have clients in pain, with eyes that swell up and start tearing profusely, thinking how they would rather run away from your salon and never look back.

Beauty is not pain, and by being extra gentle, you’ve already set yourself apart from the competition.

In our careers, we’ve met hundreds of amazing artists who didn’t provide the desired customer experience. And we concluded that their career might be successful for some time, but definitely not in the long run.

#4 Use a magnifying head lamp

Seriously, use a magnifying head lamp. You’ll be able to see way more than with regular magnifying glasses. It costs around 35$, and it will pay itself in less than one treatment.

In microblading, precision is the key, and this marvelous device will help you see all the nooks and crannies in the skin, allowing you to avoid crossing your strokes and starting way too high or low.

#5 Your client’s morale drops when you gossip about your colleagues

There are many so-called artists in the world, and once you start booking more clients, you’ll have a chance to see the work that feels like it’s going to burn your eyes.

And it’s going to be extremely hard to bite your tongue at those times. However, you should always keep in mind that elegant, professional, and successful beauty artists never speak badly of someone else’s work. Clients can draw their conclusions.

Instead, you can educate your clients on proper training, certification, the use of validated products, and so on. They will feel better expanding their knowledge than doubting whether they should trust you as well.

Your expertise by demonstrating your skills and sharing your knowledge, not by gossiping.


#6 Routine is your best friend

In any type of work, some things are just… repetitive and boring. Sometimes it might feel that it won’t do any harm to skip this routine. But it can and will harm your reputation.

Do surgeons like a 15-min scrubbing even if they’ve just touched the nob? Probably not.

But is it possible that the patient will be put at risk if they don’t do that? Most likely yes.

That’s why these mundane tasks will make sure you’re always professional and up to standards.

#7 Make yourself available for your clients. They will ALWAYS have questions.

No matter how many questions you answer before and during the treatment, your clients will always have questions.

Sometimes it’s about the process of healing, sometimes it’s the aftercare, and sometimes is about “Can I wash” my face? And many, many other questions.

It can be tiring to be available for all (sometimes silly) questions, but it’s something that will instantly help with building trust and credibility.

If nothing else, it helps if you don’t want them to have your work published on the internet with the question “Is this normal?”. 🙂

We hope that we helped you with these things that we all wish someone has taught us earlier, and we are eager to collect even more tips from recognized beauty and microblading artists. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and drop us a DM with your burning question about starting a career as a microblading artist.