Using Social Media For Advertising A Microblading Business – Tips & Best practices

Using Social Media For Advertising A Microblading Business – Tips & Best practices

If you’ve completed your microblading certification and are looking to establish and grow a steady business, marketing should become your best friend. It will help you ensure that you’re phone is constantly ringing with new clients looking to book a slot at your salon.

Social media plays a crucial role in promoting your business, as it’s the easiest and quickest way to reach out to your potential clients.

Besides creating our internationally recognized brand, we’ve helped thousands of PhiAcademy students grow their personal brands and businesses. And we have to say, social media was essential in this endeavor.

That’s why we’re sharing some tips with you that will help you use your social media channels to advertise and promote your microblading business.

#1 Use high-quality images and videos

One of the best ways to showcase your work and attract new clients is to use high-quality images and videos. Be it before & after photos, videos of your process and work, after-care tips and tricks, or anything else… make sure it’s high quality.

Your social media profile may be the first and only thing that your audience sees, so make sure you’re presented in the best possible light.

Otherwise, they can subconsciously connect low-quality photos and videos with low-quality work, which is not optimal.


#2 Post consistently

Social media is fast-paced by nature, and posting consistently will ensure that your audience can get used to you and regularly see your content. The more times they glance at your content, logo, or any brand mark, the more aware and attracted to your business they will be.

On the other hand, if your posting schedule looks like this:
…posted 2h ago

…posted 4 weeks ago

…posted 6 months ago…

Your audience is more likely to look away from your profile and not keep following you. People like to set expectations, and posting consistently is an excellent way to show them they can count on you.

However, posting consistently is usually harder done than said, that’s why we usually create a content calendar 2 or 4 weeks in advance.

For example, you can outline your content by marking Monday for “before & after photos”, Wednesday for “after-care tips” videos, and Fridays for “client testimonials”.

You can download a free Content Calendar template from Hubspot, and start using it instantly.

#3 Use hashtags (#)

No matter what social media platform you decide to focus on, hashtags are your doors to people that are not already following you. They enable your content to be found by anyone interested in topics your content is about (in this case – microblading). And what’s better than putting microblading content in front of people interested in microblading?

Make sure to find not only “big” hashtags such as #microblading, because they already have thousands of posts, and they are quite hard to compete with, but the ones that have fewer posts as well.
For example, you can use:
#microblading #phibrows #brows[your location] #microblading[your location] #microbladingreviews #beforeandaftermicroblading #phibrows[your location] #microbladingartist #microblading[your county]

Important note:

Make sure to include your location in all of your posts, as this is one more way for people to find your content.

#4 Engage with your followers

Social media is not a one-way street, and it’s definitely not a place for monologues. As the name says – you should get quite social there.

This means that you should like and comment on other posts, reply to comments, and always reply to DMs. Moreover, if they are asking some important questions, you can share screenshots of parts of conversations and use them in your future posts.

#5 Use high-quality photos and videos but make them user-generated

If you’ve been interested in marketing for some time, you’ve probably heard the term “user-generated content”. It’s the type of content that outperforms any professional/studio videos, and that is usually created by users. Typically, user-generated videos are created using a phone (selfie) camera and look like videos you would share on TikTok (or send to your best friend).

To record videos like this, all you have to have is a phone with a great camera and some creativity.

You can record while commenting on your procedures, chat with clients and ask them about their experience, share tips on anything microblading and skin care, and much more.

To conclude…

Social media plays a crucial role in advertising your microblading business, as your social media channels can provide you with a ton of benefits, such as:

  • Get people hooked on your service with social proof and valuable information
  • We’ll be able to reach out to you directly
  • Ask about your services, and schedule treatments
  • A place for referrals and client testimonials

If you are at a loss on where to start, use these 5 tips above to set your business on the right track and shine at marketing.