Monitoring at Phi Academy: What is it and why does it exist?

Monitoring at Phi Academy: What is it and why does it exist?

Besides giving all Students a chance to master popular skills in the beauty industry and start a new, lucrative career, Phi Academy stands out for the way it improves the knowledge of its Students and turns them into internationally recognized Masters.

Thanks to Hexaplan, a special 6-step advancement plan, all Phi Academy Students, regardless of age, gender and previous experience have the opportunity to start a new profession and make progress depending on their desire for success, knowledge, merit, loyalty, and other relevant skills such as marketing, communication and presentation skills.

What is monitoring?

To better understand the purpose of monitoring, we need to understand why it was created in the first place. At the very beginning of the Phi Academy, when PhiBrows Microblading was just being developed, it quickly became clear that many people wanted to master this popular technique.

However, among the many participants, there were also many people who wanted to perform treatments without exercise and without understanding in order to earn money as quickly as possible, which resulted in dissatisfied clients who came out of the salon with spilled paint and permanent scars.

“Microblading is not drawing equipment, Microblading is a skill” – Branko Babic

In order to protect the reputation of Phi treatments and enable work only for those who have reached the highest level of skill and met the highest criteria of Phi Academy, monitoring has been introduced.

In short, monitoring of all Phi Academy students starts from the moment of enrollment. The following is monitored:

  • the quality of work
  • activity on social media as well as other digital channels
  • relationship with their colleagues
  • professionalism
  • hygienic working conditions
  • community support
  • marketing skills
  • brand commitment
  • focus on work
  • speed of progress and much more…

Why does monitoring exist?

In addition to allowing only those who have really learned to do treatments in accordance with Phi criteria to work, the purpose of monitoring is to timely point out the mistakes and possible difficulties that Students might have in order to help them advance as quickly as possible from Student to Master and Grand Master.

When we notice mistakes and problems in work, Phi Academy contacts Students in a timely manner and actively works with them to correct mistakes and improve skills where needed. We do this primarily because we believe that in our system, the right people must be in the right places.

For this to happen, detailed monitoring is needed to make it easier for the people with the highest qualities to reach the highest titles. Through monitoring, we enable the most valuable individuals to further spread the values our family believes in, which are the quality of work, interpersonal relationships, a high degree of professionalism and selfless sharing of knowledge among colleagues.