Microneedling treatment PhiBright

Microneedling treatment PhiBright

MICRONEEDLING treatment is one of the most effective methods of rejuvenating the skin – reawaken the beauty within – shine like the star that you are

Most people who take care of themselves know that as we age, our skin begins to lose its firmness, wrinkles begin to appear, our skin tone becomes less even and various spots begin to appear. Our skin is the largest bodily organ and our face mirrors our health and the degree to which we take care of ourselves. In addition to strictly following a daily beauty routine, our skin requires additional nourishment and care provided through specialized cosmetics procedures and treatments that solve a variety of skin issues, where home care simply falls short.  Why is this the case?

Due to its protective function, 99.7% of large nutrient molecules are unable to penetrate the skin’s protective barrier. This means that the benefits of creams and serums are not immediately visible as it takes time for cells to regenerate themselves, leading to noticeable improvements. What’s more, creams and serums are only effective on the epidermis, or the outer layer of skin, which means that their effects are short-term. This innovative and revolutionary, non-invasive method, known as MICRONEEDLING, allows for access to the dermis or deeper layer of the skin (the thickness of this layer is between 0.7 mm to 4 mm, meaning that it is a number of times thicker than the epidermis), and restores the skin’s radiance, smoothness, providing an even complexion and rested appearance. The skin’s appearance greatly depends on this layer of skin. The reason for this is that the dermis houses the skin’s most important building elements.

The deeper layer of the skin is accessed through microneedles. This increases the natural permeability of the skin, thus rehabilitating the skin and achieving maximum utilization of the active substances located in the epidermis and dermis.


Microneedling or collagen induction therapy is a minimally invasive, biostimulation method performed through the use of a Needle Pen, a pen-like device with microneedles. The length of the needles used is chosen depending on the type of skin issue and the area of skin that requires treatment (face, neck, décolleté, etc.). During treatment, microneedles penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin (dermis) creating micropoints which although they do not damage the skin, they nonetheless cause our skin to react to the punctures of the microneedles. The treatment is very hygienic because the needles are not cleaned after treatment, rather, they are discarded.

This treatment stimulates the natural regenerative skin rejuvenation process, with benefits that are long lasting. Microneedling has quickly become the most desirable treatment in the world of cosmetics and is one of the most effective skin revitalization methods available. Microneedling treatment can successfully treat the following regions and issues:

  • Face, neck, décolleté regions
  • Leg, scarring on the back, hand regions
  • Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Hyperpigmentation sports
  • Scalp – the crown area and regeneration of hair follicles

This method is classified among the best anti-age treatments available today. It is highly effective and falls under one of the most effective methods of full skin rejuvenation, which is why it is an indispensable step in all serious facial and body skin care procedures.

How do MICRONEEDLING treatments work?

As previously mentioned, the Microneedling treatment is the controlled use of microneedles to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in the effective intake of specialized, innovative cocktails and serums, patented by PhiAcademy. Our skin has a natural outer barrier that protects us from external factors. The goal of the treatment is to penetrate this barrier so that vital micronutrients can perforate deeper into the skin and act on its regeneration.   

This is why the main goal is to penetrate these layers of skin tissue where problems arise and then become visible on the surface layer.  Microneedling is a completely safe way of perforating this barrier by creating micropoints on the skin which then allow for the effective intake of the active substances contained in cocktails into the deeper layer of the skin, where they are needed. Each ‘micro injury’ to the skin created by the puncture of a microneedle allows for the transepidermal application of substances directly into the dermis, thereby activating the skin. This stimulates the natural production of collagen fibers and leads to the neovascularization of the skin, which, after treatment, will regenerate, nourish and restore itself.  

It is important to mention that the results are visible immediately after the first treatment – the skin’s appearance is fresher, smoother, tighter but the regeneration process itself continues long after the treatment is over. The skin regeneration process starts after a single treatment and lasts for the following 6 to 9 weeks.

Microneedling PhiBright is performed by using the professional Phi device, fitted with sterile microneedles, the lengths of which are adjusted depending on the situation and region of the skin undergoing treatment. Microneedles penetrate the skin at a 90-degree angle. During treatment, specialized, highly active cocktails and serums are gradually applied to the area and absorbed into the skin to complete the process. The penetrating microneedles create a burning sensation but are in no way damaging to the skin. Our skin reacts to these micropoints by sending impulses to the brain to start the healing process. This initiates new collagen production or, skin renewal.  Dead skin cells are then discarded, and new cells are generated, creating a new layer of healthier, revitalized skin.

Are You a ideal Candidate for Microneedling?

Microneedling treatment is completely safe and adaptable to all skin types, from normal to dry, and oily to combination. It is also suitable for all skin tones and both genders. There are very few exceptions when it comes to Microneedling treatment. It is not recommended that you undergo Microneedling if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Inflamed acne
  • Lupus
  • Erysipelas (St. Anthony’s Fire)
  • Skin cancer (basal cell, squamous cell, melanoma)
  • Keloid scars
  • Psoriasis
  • If you are taking Roaccutane (you may undergo Microneedling treatment 6 months after completing therapy)
  • Treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or while nursing (not because it would be damaging, but because there are no available quality clinical trials)
  • Consult your dermatologist or physician if you are on anticoagulants, taking ibuprofen or any other medication

This treatment may be performed in combination with Botox and hyaluronic acid treatments, but with a one-month interval between treatments.

Microneedling treatment is not only effective in cases when there are serious skin issues. It is exceptionally effective when skin loses its elasticity, when its level of hydration begins to diminish or when you simply want that ‘health glow’ look restored – whenever you need to maintain that look of cared for and healthy skin,  

Microneedling is the way to go. Those who decide to try it, fall in love with the Microneedling process and all the benefits it brings. The quality of the work and precision of the Phi Technique have gained global recognition, and this has made it exceptionally easy for clients to get in touch with Phiacademy-certified artists. Artists certified by the PhiAcademy have completed expert training and have been subject to a rigorous selection process.

How Often Should You Get Microneedling Treatment?

The number and frequency of treatments depends on the condition of the skin, the client’s age and the type of results the client wishes to achieve. It is important to emphasize that the effects are better if treatments are repeated in a series, with 2-to-3 week breaks in between.

How long does one MICRONEEDLING treatment take?

The actual treatment using microneedles takes half an hour and the entire process lasts on average between an hour and a half to two hours. The appointment is comprised of skin preparation, preparing the serums and cocktails to be used during treatment according to the client’s needs, which is all done at the start of the appointment. The entire process is performed under a topical, local anesthetic cream which is applied to the skin. At the end of the appointment, after the client has undergone Microneedling treatment, a Phi mask is applied which soothes the skin completely and provides it with further nutrition. After treatment, the skin will become red and swollen, sensitive to touch and small dots and itchiness will appear.

It is important to highlight that all reactions after treatment are individual, and that the skin will return to its normal state within 24-to-48 hours after treatment.

Did you know?

Microneedling treatment also stimulates the growth of new hair, and scalp renewal. Most hair loss is the result of a hormonal imbalance around hair follicles, a lack of certain nutrients and reduced circulation in the scalp. This method successfully activates hair follicles and nourishes the scalp, which encourages:

  • quicker hair growth
  • strengthening of the hair root
  • the nutrition of follicles
  • scalp hydration
  • reduced hair loss
  • the vitalization of dry hair
  • shiny hair

Important to know!

If you opt for Microneedling, it is exceptionally important that you follow your artist’s instructions and all post-treatment steps.

Skin must not be exposed to direct sunlight for five days following the treatment. Do not exercise and avoid any activity that will cause you to perspire. Avoid swimming pools, saunas and tanning beds. Do not use any aggressive products on the skin as part of your home care routine. Daily application of an SPF factor is recommended. However, it is a must in the days immediately following the treatment to ensure that your skin is fully protected from the sun’s UV rays.

Do not apply makeup until all redness has disappeared, i.e., for at least 24-hours post-treatment (all brushes and sponges must be cleaned adequately once you start applying makeup again after this period). Make sure your pillow cases are cleaned and ironed before bed. Stay away from dust and dirt as much as possible while engaging in any daily activities.

Should you choose Microneedling ?

  • The treatment is completely safe
  • The benefits of the treatment are long-term
  • The skin becomes revitalized, rejuvenated, radiant and more rested looking
  • Wrinkles and scars are less visible, as are hyperpigmentation spots and enlarged pores
  • The skin’s structure and complexion become more even