Luxury Brows

Luxury Brows

PhiBrows: A Substantial (Permanent) Luxury

Do you know what is the secret to a beautiful face and anti-aging, without which whatever you try to do to improve your looks is worth little? Is it a good moisturizer, face lifting, eye lifting, Botox, fillers, thread lifting, PRP? No. It is eyebrows.

Eyebrows, the Secret of a Beautiful Face

Eyebrows that are well-shaped, adequate, and personalized make the human facial features stand out, and help make the eyes look bigger and more youthful. The right shape, density, and color of eyebrows can help lift hooded and tired eyes and brighten up a worn-out, angry, or sad look. The shape, density, and symmetry of the eyebrows make the eyes stand out and improve efficiency to frame the upper part of the face. Without a doubt, the eyebrows paint a person’s character, temperament, mood, and emotion. If we take into consideration that good eyebrows have the power to hide minor facial flaws (such as small or too wide eyes) or help redirect attention to the upper part of the face, it becomes apparent why so much attention has been given to eyebrow care in the beauty industry. Therefore, it is apparent that eyebrows require attention, time, skill, and dedication, so as to create one of the most powerful weapons of beauty and non-verbal communication. These two (rarely symmetrical in nature) symbols of beauty are challenging, not only because of the money spent on quality makeup but also because of the everyday struggle that’s spent to make these dominant beauty markers in a perfect state, color, and symmetry with the help of special scissors, brushes, eyeshadows, mascara, gels, pencils, volumizers, glosses… In the case that this undertaking is successful, and the person doesn’t have a bad brow day, this perfect state is kept all the way until they sit still and in a perfectly air-conditioned area. There are no swimming, romantic walks in the rain, sweating when dancing in nightclubs because those wonderful eyebrows will drip down all the way to the cheekbones. Oh, and let’s not forget the effect those types of eyebrows will have during a passionate kiss or steamy intercourse, when those wonderful, painstakingly drawn eyebrows, will end up on your partner’s face, shoulders, or… Well, let’s not go into any more detail. The popular Instagram meme says: “I was going to like your picture, but then I saw your eyebrows.” Having perfect eyebrows is, in fact, a luxury. A short-lasting, but a very important one. With the occurrence of the PhiBrows method and a strong brand that’s backing it up, a new type of luxury has been developed, with the help of which countless hours of painstaking eyebrow drawing are now a thing of the past.

PhiBrows – the Rennaisance of the Golden Ratio

PhiBrows Microblading is a hyper-realistic technique of drawing eyebrows manually (Microblading). With the use of this technique, which lies halfway between mathematics and art, women and men alike, can enjoy the luxury of having perfect eyebrows from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. It should therefore not be odd that PhiBrows is of the most sought-after beauty treatments of today. The essence of PhiBrows Microblading treatment is that the design in this process is gained using the Golden Ratio. The Author and Founder of PhiAcademy, Branko Babic, established this method based on the ancient Eastern wisdom to whom beauty and harmony were their leading principles in hundreds of years of human existence. By studying the art of creating perfect eyebrows on beautiful and delicate faces of Japanese royals, from (originally Chinese) hikimaiu and ohaguro methods, with a high elaboration of the techniques and proportions, he has created a completely innovative type of Microblading technique, called PhiBrows, as well as patterns that match any face, aesthetic standards and lifestyle needs of modern-day women and men. The world quickly recognized the benefits of this luxury and that is how the technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing was born, a technique that will grow over the years into the most prestigious brand – PhiBrows. PhiBrows became the most sought-after beauty treatment of today, due to the countless benefits it gives its clients and for the luxury of knowing that they look their very best at any given moment of their day. The essence of PhiBrows Microblading technique is that the initial design in the procedure is achieved by using the Golden Ratio, also known as God’s signature. (“The Golden Ratio is a divine measure of beauty” – Leonardo da Vinci). People have wondered for centuries whether it was possible to measure beauty. It turns out that, looking at it from the perspective of mathematics, it is possible. The greatest harmony of the Golden Ratio was talked about by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo because beauty and the Golden Ratio were one and the same. That is what they claimed and continued to prove with their works. They, whose meaning of life was to find beauty, made it their profession. The structure of musical masterpieces often includes the Golden Ratio as well. For example, Beethoven’s works were separated into symmetrical parts, and the Golden Ratio was noted in each of them. The exact appearance of the Golden Ratio on a human face is an ideal of beauty and there is countless research done to prove it. In mathematics and science, the number 1,618 is marked with the Greek letter Phi, and that is why this treatment got the name PhiBrows – the eyebrows with God’s signature. Apart from understanding the needs of the client, a PhiBrows Artist must follow strictly set rules: contrast, shaping, balance, the rule of thirds, and many others. However, the priority is still the rule of the Golden Ratio, and that is the rule of thirds. For all of this, the Artists not only need the expert knowledge of the technique, but also superior tools. PhiBrows technique and tools have been carefully designed, and never stop being redesigned, to support the Artists in creating highly precise strokes, gorgeous eyebrows shaped according to natural facial features, and perfect symmetry. Only the certified tools that have been rigorously tested are used, to ensure the perfect eyebrows for each client.

“Many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14)

The Creator of the brand and the Founder of the Academy has the final say – only Branko Babic can choose and appoint a candidate as a Craft Master, among the ones that were recommended, much like the Queen of England can appoint someone a knight.

Cutting Edge Technology For Perfect Symmetry

Most people know that their face is not perfectly symmetrical. What can and should be perfectly symmetrical are the eyebrows. Asymmetrical or imperfect eyebrows lead to one eye appears bigger than the other or can additionally highlight the asymmetry of the entire face. Symmetry is very aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. The length from the beginning of the eyebrow to its top is in the same ratio as it is from the top to its end. In order to measure this PhiBrows Golden Ratio, an Artist uses a specially designed compass, named “BB compass”, an iconic instrument made from stainless steel, whose design and quality might make it look like it came straight out of MoMA’s collection. To create perfect symmetry, PhiBrows also uses 4 tools for digital measuring to shape the perfect eyebrow. With the help of these incredibly precise tools, an Artist finds the perfect symmetry for their client’s eyebrows, but they also note the possible imperfections of the symmetry and correct them. It is worth mentioning that by using another tool, PhiBrows Color Calculator, an Artist can calculate the perfect pigment color combination for their client’s eyebrows.

PhiAcademy – Education for the Perfection of Luxury

Even with the combination of art and science, with cutting-edge tools and technology, PhiBrows clients are much more interested in who is doing the treatment and not how it is done. To fully stick to the ideals of beauty and transfer the knowledge to countless generations of beauty Artists, PhiAcademy was founded – being the largest beauty academy in the world today. The Artists who attend and finish this school have the privilege of being posted on the PhiAcademy World Map because PhiAcademy guarantees the quality of their work, which is not a small thing as PhiAcademy is the world leader in the world of permanent eyebrow makeup. To reach this status, an Artist needs to pass the six levels of education (PhiAcademy Hexaplan). They begin as students, but if they pass all the difficult levels, they continue as Royal Artists. The next step for the more successful ones is a Master Associate title (this is where the professional brand elite starts to form), then the best of them receive the title of a Craft Master, and only a few, the superior ones, get to be called Grand Masters. It is incredibly difficult to reach this level, navigating through strict PhiAcademy rules, and the fact that there are only 450 Craft Masters in 160 countries, from around 100.000 students who attended PhiAcademy. “Many are called, but few are chosen”(Matthew 22:14). Craft Masters are not driven by money, but by the mission to spread beauty and perfection, bettering the lives of their students, and above all, clients. They are the apostles of the brand, not only because they teach others the PhiBrows technique, but because they truly change lives. The Creator of the brand and the Founder of the Academy has the final say – only he can choose and appoint a candidate as a Craft Master, among the ones that were recommended, much like the Queen of England can appoint someone a knight. These international stars live the lives of authentic luxury. We are not only talking about real estate, clothing, or cars, which they certainly do not lack. This is a noble kind of luxury – which includes traveling all over the world, developing a business, and teaching other people, whose life is often changed completely. The special kind of luxury is that the value of the PhiBrows brand brings them clients and students, wherever they choose to live and work, alone or in a team, so they speak and teach in 23 world languages.


Gram-Luxury – Pure Pigment (The battle between slow and expensive vs. fast and cheap)

In the beginning, the battle on the market concerning Microblading pigments was led in two ways: easier and harder. One group of manufacturers aimed to satisfy the needs of their Microblading artist under any circumstances. PhiAcademy wanted to fight for the satisfaction of its clients and the status of its artists – so they can work with pure pigments which will provide the future of their business, while also giving them peace in working on their clients. It was a completely different way of thinking at the time, as one could get a market share by providing a good price and pigments that were easy to apply. A pure pigment couldn’t satisfy any of these needs – pure pigments have a longer absorption time and were more expensive. Having categorically rejected the partnership, fearing the boycott of the rest of the industry, one factory that produced tattoo and permanent makeup pigments in Germany finally accepted the Phi principles and the manufacturer became highly motivated to work on an idea of a “pure pigment”, together with the Phi brand. A few years down the road, it was clear that the PhiAcademy policy was the right one, and the manufacturer looked right on using their full potential solely to produce the PhiBrows pigments. Phi set off the only important buyer for the pigments and the leader in the market because its formula didn’t contain any heavy metals or other harmful substances. This is the first pigment on the market whose manufacturer guarantees it won’t change the color over time compared to the color the client sees after healing. Apart from that, the formula does not contain alcohol; it will not burst through the walls of surrounding cells or spread under the skin. Because of this quality, the strokes on the eyebrows remain thin, elegant, and clear, and stability of all pigments was reached, which prevents the eyebrows from turning red, purple, gray… They are hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly, and will not react to magnets (100% MRI safe). PhiBrows Pure pigments have never been, and never will be, tested on animals. PhiBrows Artists and clients can relax, knowing that they only work with safe and healthy PhiBrows Pure pigments. They are, of course, being constantly developed, because PhiAcademy continues to work hard on the creation of its final pure pigment formula (SUPERB).


The powerful role of eyebrows

To confirm the powerful role of eyebrows in facial recognition, a scientific experiment was conducted, where people were shown photos of celebrities with and without eyebrows. There were two photos – one where only the color of the eyes was changed, and the other where the eyebrows were removed. The people were then asked to name the celebrity, and the scientists measured the time it took for them to do so. People ended up taking a long time to recognize a celebrity without eyebrows, even though they have seen them many times on TV, on the Internet, or in magazines.

The Luxury of the Unique “Phi” Experience

Those who believe their face deserves the luxury of perfect eyebrows will undoubtedly choose a certified PhiBrows Artist and schedule a consultation. Throughout the consultation and treatment, the certified PhiBrows Artist has the support of Dr. Phi, a professional team of PhiAcademy doctors who support them 24/7 and answer all their questions. All these small pleasures happen in certified PhiBrows salons, places that pose as an oasis for all the clients’ senses. They provide the luxury of a peaceful and lovely-smelling environment, with relaxing music, surrounded by people who care about the looks, health, and the relaxation of the client. There are two universal criteria that every PhiAcademy Artist or Royal Artist must meet. Those include a personalized approach to every client, as well as absolute privacy. They are aware that the most important person in any successful job in the world is the client, and that is why they are fully committed to them.

A matter of discussion

The eyebrows of Mona Lisa are a matter of discussion. There have been claims that the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows because the female members of the upper class at that time used to hide or remove them. Others have claimed that the non-existence of her eyebrows only contributes to the fact that it is an unfinished masterpiece. However, with detailed scans of the painting in 2007, it has been discovered that Leonardo da Vinci has indeed put eyebrows and eyelashes on Mona Lisa, but that they might have faded over time, or were victims of failed restoration attempts in the earlier centuries.

PhiBrows Haute Couture – Eyebrows as a Permanent Luxury

With time, we realize what luxury really is, and it is the things that do not have a price, that is right in front of our eyes, the eyes and the two perfect pieces of jewelry above them. We talk about restrained luxury, the refined, iconic, and timeless aesthetic that may not be noticed or dominant at first, but that catches the eye and signals that there is special beauty, materialized by the delicate strokes of an artist. It is a permanent luxury that shoots the sparks on the first and on the second look, the perfection of the Golden Ratio. This “must-have” of the face, adapted to every individual personality, hides the perfection of beauty, and catches the eye of every onlooker. The flawless aesthetic and powerful energy are reflected, and that is when people realize they need something similar. That is the secret of the sophisticated PhiBrows luxury. A person who can confidently enjoy a gorgeous reflection in the mirror and has a steady hand of an Artist on their side can be sure that they invested in priceless luxury. That is why it is worth walking to a mirror, opening your eyes wide, smiling to yourself… and raising your perfect eyebrows.


PhiBrows Artists and clients can relax, knowing that they only work with safe and healthy PhiBrows Pure pigments. They are, of course, being constantly developed, because PhiAcademy continues to work hard on the creation of its final pure pigment formula (SUPERB).