How to become a microblading trainer?

How to become a microblading trainer?

At PhiAcademy, we like to say we change people’s lives globally. We don’t just create the best beauty artists, but also the best beauty trainers.

If you’ve been providing microblading services for a while now, you might be thinking that it’s time to take a new step forward, become a trainer, and share your knowledge and skills.

However, you know that in order to become successful in what you do, it’s not only necessary to have microblading skills, but teaching skills.

It’s one thing to master the skill, and another one to master passing the skill.

Over the years we’ve met hundreds of aspiring trainers, and we’ve developed a plan that got them from ground zero to being Craft Masters and respected beauty educators.

You can find them all on the PhiMap.

5 steps to becoming a microblading trainer

To become a microblading educator and get the pool of students looking for a trainer, we have developed a unique Master Creation Plan (HEXAPLAN).

It is designed to successfully educate and motivate our students and support them in realizing their plans in the beauty industry, regardless of their previous age or experience.

STEP 1 - Become a Student

You might have previous experience, but we are proud of the fact that at PhiAcademy, we don’t offer any shortcuts. We are the only microblading brand in the world, and we offer our students a unique opportunity to earn more and have an international career.

That’s why your first step is enrolling in the PhiBrows course, where you will attend a 2-day in-person training and go over both theoretical and practical training.

After that, you’ll get access to our Craftmaster learning app, where you can go over online education as well.

STEP 2 - Become an Artist

After you’ve mastered the basic skills learned during the training, you will become a Master. With this title, students are now ready to start serving clients and to start returning the investment of the training.

STEP 3 - Become a Royal Artist

Once you’ve proven that you’ve perfected the knowledge and work technique, as well as passed the Skin expert course, you get the title of Royal Artist.

With this title, you are instantly able to charge more for your treatments and to perform the monitoring yourself, but you are not certified to become a trainer yet.

However, even if you give up at this point (which we don’t encourage), you will still have your Royal Artist title, which speaks about the quality of your work.

Some of our VIP microblading clients even have a request for visiting only Royal Artists.

STEP 4 - Become a Master Associate

Great news! You are one step away from becoming a microblading trainer!

In order to reach the title Master Associate, you must first complete the First Class Service course, show great communication skills, and perform monitoring of other students’ work.

Unlike previous levels where you’ve adopted optimal skin knowledge, Master Associates must show extensive knowledge of the skin and human anatomy in general.

When it comes to communication skills, it refers not only to direct, face-to-face communication but to digital communication knowledge as well (such as websites, social media, and digital channels).

STEP 5 - Become a Craft Master

Craft Master is one of the most sought-after and most respected titles in the microblading world.

It means that you’ve mastered not only your microblading skills but also:

  •       Skin and anatomy knowledge
  •       Communication and first-class client service
  •       Marketing of your skills and your work
  •       Transferring knowledge

In order to reach this title, you’ll need to gain training experience through a certain number of monitoring and mentoring sessions.

Congrats! You’re equipped for success!

Once you’ve become a Craft Master, the world is yours! It means that you have an international career, you are a world-wide recognized expert, and you can earn through your courses.

What’s even better, you can introduce new skills to our PhiAcademy, and become the founder of the course. For example, Luisa Bassler introduced PhiLashes to our academy.

As our founder, Branko Babic says:

“We’ve designed our Academy in a way that it’s impossible not to succeed.”