How to become a Master at Phi Academy?

How to become a Master at Phi Academy?

If you have made the decision to start a new career and become successful in the beauty industry, congratulations! This is the first step towards a life that you will design just like you have always wanted.

Before we present you the journey from Student to Master, it is important to know that the most successful members of the Phi family stand out for their merits and work, but also for loyalty, communication skills, sharing knowledge with colleagues, and general contribution to creating a positive atmosphere for work and progress.

Phi Academy teaches you that success is not only achieved by completing a course but also by improving skills and attitude towards success. Whether it’s eyebrow drawing, lip coloring, or eyelash extensions, at Phi Academy, you acquire the skills, but you also learn how to make your salon hygienically flawless, how to communicate with clients, how to adopt the necessary marketing knowledge, and so much more that is needed for success today.

Finally, at Phi Academy, you learn how to manage your success to make it last as long as possible.

From Student to Master in 6 Steps

Hexaplan is a 6-step advancement plan at Phi Academy that is specially designed to guide every new Student from the first moments in the beauty industry to the international career of a Master.

When a Phi Academy Student completes basic live training and passes all the lessons and levels in the Craftmaster application, he becomes an Artist. An artist can then become a Royal, but first, he must work on improving his skills and knowledge for at least 6 months.

Phi Academy has provided all Artists with unlimited access to lessons in the Craftmaster app to bring their work to perfection.

Artists have an additional opportunity to advance by enrolling in Perfection training, which is special training to improve their knowledge with the appropriate kit. Every Artist can enroll in Perfection training to get answers to their questions, remove all doubts, correct their mistakes and become Royal.

The successful Royal then has the opportunity to, under the watchful eye of the Phi Academy, do a certain number of monitoring sessions to become a Master Associate.

For the most talented and ambitious Masters, the biggest challenge is the title of Grand Master, also the highest level of the Phi Academy. To achieve this valuable title, it is necessary to bring new techniques and styles to the Phi Academy, but also to become recognizable in professional circles of the beauty industry.

Every successful Royal Artist, Master or Grand Master has the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other Students who need help and additional training during their education at Phi Academy.

Most courses at Phi Academy do not require previous experience, but we advise you to contact us before enrolling to find out all the details about the course you are interested in.