Considering A Career Change in Beauty industry/PMU, but scared of failure?

Considering A Career Change in Beauty industry/PMU, but scared of failure?

“I haven’t had a single scary moment when I was switching careers” – Said no one ever.

You probably know that every time we leave our comfort zone, it is accompanied by fear. Even when we are supposed to switch jobs in the same industry, we tend to be stuck at work we don’t like, just to avoid the fear of leaving – the fear of change.

How many times were you stuck in a place that is not offering you any satisfaction, just because it was too scary to change something?

So yes, changing a career can be beyond scary. What’s more, the research on stressful life events showed that changing to a different line of work ranks just below the death of a close friend.

Deciding to pursue a different career, is a major life change that comes with roadblocks and different types of fears.

Here’s what some of our most successful students have experienced, without exception.

Fear of failure

It can be frightening to invest time, money, and nerves into a new career, just to find out you are not good at it. You might be thinking that it would be too hard for you to learn new techniques, that it will take you too long, you won’t be able to grasp knowledge as quickly as others, or that you eventually won’t be able to attract any clients.

This is especially present in the beauty industry, where you have to be detail-oriented, but as our student, now PhiBrows Master, and PhiNails founder, Jasmina Nikolic says – “drawing eyebrows and doing nails are crafts that everyone can learn. You just have to have enough patience, time, and practice.”

Moreover, our training is created with this roadblock in mind, which is why we pay close attention to not skipping any step and building confidence in your skills along the way.

You will be able to overcome this fear after one month.

Fear of making the wrong choice

“Maybe it was possible to succeed in the beauty industry a decade ago, now it’s just overcrowded.”

“What if I want to do something else later, will I have to change my career again?”

“What if I realize that I liked my previous path more?”

If some of these questions are popping up in your mind recently, read this article and quickly check whether a career in the beauty industry is right for you.

We also shared our two cents on why microblading is the next big thing in the beauty industry, and it can help you if you are on the fence about joining the beauty industry.

Fear of losing progress

Another common fear is the fear of losing progress. Even though you might not be completely satisfied with your current job, position, or emotional or financial stability, you’ve made progress there. You’ve invested years in trying to progress in your current career, and it may seem too hard to just let it go.

As our Masters tend to say “The one thing that no one can take from you is experience”.

This means that no matter what you’ve previously done, you’ve certainly gained wisdom, made mistakes and learned from them, and formed meaningful relationships. All of this is something that can be taken advantage of – no matter the path you take.

Fear of what others think

We can’t talk about changing careers without mentioning this fear. Even though it may be a subconscious fear, a big part of you is worried about what others think, especially your closest family and friends.

This lack of awareness and disapproval that comes from our society is usually driven by their own fears. Because they have them as well – just like you do.

Taking part in their comfort zone is easier than making a change, but does this hold in the long run?

How to overcome these fears

If you are determined in changing your career and provide yourself and your family with a stable income, you might want to work on overcoming these fears. Here are a few steps you should take to do this:

  • Know that everyone has fears, and that fear is normal. It’s a sign of success, not failure.
  • Get to know yourself. What drives you? In what situations did you feel this type of fear and excitement at the same time? How did that end? What’s something you still regret not doing (because of fear)?
  • Do some research. We are usually afraid of things we are not familiar with. If you spend some time researching your future career, and all the opportunities you can grab, you will feel more confident.

You can check our beauty industry resources as well.

“You will be a goddess in the Microblading world”

As we mentioned earlier, our most successful students faced exact fears as well. One of them is Ana Oprea.

Ana was a complete beginner when she signed up for a Phibrows workshop training in Romania. Before that, she worked as an accountant. She had a stable job, and her idea was just to create a side income with 2-3 clients a month.

Even though she was paralyzed with fear, and almost kept her accounting career, during the training, Zlata Kicin (her trainer) told her: “Ana, you will be a goddess in the Microblading world.”

Fast forward two years, and she received the title of the best PhiBrows artist in the world.

If you’d like to find out more about her path, challenges, and fears she faced, make sure to read her story.