Communication: The secret ingredient for beauty industry success

Communication: The secret ingredient for beauty industry success

In the beauty industry, communication is as important tool as any other – scissors, brushes, pigment.

Communication plays a crucial role in the beauty industry. Even though this is the case with any service-based business, it’s at least 5x more emphasized with the beauty industry.

There are multiple reasons. First and foremost, beauty industry clients are turning to salons seeking for ways to feel and think better of themselves. They are looking for someone who will help them boost their confidence  – and your services as a beauty artist – it’s not just about the procedure, it’s the treatment as a whole.

From the moment they decide to schedule an appointment, till they leave your salon.

If it’s said: “The devil is in the details” – then the details part refers to communication in most cases.

Master communication and you will stand out from the competition - no matter how crowded it is

With so many beauty artists offering the same services as you do, effective communication can help you differentiate, and help you present yourself authentically.

Because there can be millions of artists providing the exact same services, but no one can provide the same experience as you do – you just need to learn how to show it.

Establishing a unique brand identity is especially important in the world of beauty, where clients have a lot of choices, and they are looking for someone that resonates with them on a personal level.

Speak your confidence with communication

Many of your new (as well as repeating) clients come to salon not knowing what they should expect, let alone the process of the wanted procedure.

They expect you to show up as an authority and not only explain the procedure, but help them decide what they need and want.

With the right communication, you will be able to reassure them over and over again that they’ve come to the right place.

Your skills and results will speak for themselves after the treatment, but communication is what is crucial before that.


Drive more revenue with effective communication

Effective communication = more revenue. The equation is simple.

By mastering communication skills beauty artists can better understand clients’ needs and wishes, which in turn allows them to provide more personalized and effective services.

Once you’ve built rapport with your clients, this leads to repeat treatments and increased word-of-mouth referrals, which is (you’ll agree) one of the most important streams of new clients in the beauty industry.

Moreover, if you want to market your business correctly (be it social media, or any other channel), communication is essential.

What effective communication is NOT

Before we proceed to essential communication skills that will help you grow your business, let’s check what good communication is not.

First of all, it’s not manipulative, or misleading.

In order to build rapport with other people, we sometimes tend to tell them what they want to hear, or leave out a piece of information. In our industry, this can cause multiple problems, such as losing reputation, or building bad reputation.

Therefore, it’s essential to always provide clear and precise information, even though that’s not what the client would like to hear.

It’s not people-pleasing

As we previously mentioned, sometimes you’ll tell clients “no”, or “I don’t believe that’s a good idea”, and that’s part of an effective communication.

Agreeing on everything, and sacrificing your nerves, time, and energy just to handle (probably) impossible client requests is also not an effective way to communicate.

Instead, you should set your boundaries, and learn how to communicate your thoughts in a clear and direct manner.


What communication skills you should focus on


Serving the clients that know exactly what they want is the best scenario. But this is not always the case.

We are here to be their trusted advisors and to help them decide what they want. That’s why it’s quite important to learn to clearly describe not only what the process looks like, but also how they will look after the treatment.

When you are trying to clarify their needs, it’s about understanding their expectations, adjusting to those expectations, and explaining the results.


The more you spend in the beauty industry, the more unreasonable requests you are going to meet.

Sometimes the client will request a brow procedure that’s not ideal for their skin type, or they’ll request a last-minute treatment. In situations like this, effective communication will help you confront your client, while making them feel respected.


If your clients are not confident in your skills and your expertise, it’s very likely they won’t be fully satisfied with the treatment as well – no matter how great it is.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to speak with confidence, share your knowledge, and talk about your achievements.

Believe it or not, one of the hardest communication skills to learn is to talk about your success and your achievements. We often mix it with arrogance, and we believe we should be quiet about our achievements in order to remain humble.

But the truth is – you can share your success, and still remain polite and pleasant. It’s called confidence.

To conclude…

Great communication skills are your guarantee for:

  • Building trust and great reputation
  • Increasing your customer base
  • Enhancing your client experience
  • Marketing your services
  • Handling confrontations
  • Driving revenue

For all of this reasons, one of the skills we are mastering at PhiAcademy is communication. Moreover, is part of our Hexaplan, you’ll be introduced to a First Class service course, where you’ll learn all about customer experience and building your brand identity with not just your skills, but the way you communicate.