Simplicity Artist

Simplicity Artist

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Simplicity artist is a machine with basic performances which makes it an ultra cheap machine and a good solution for beginners who are still not ready to invest a lot in PMU Base training.

If a student decides to start doing PMU more seriously, this machine  can always be a spare machine in the salon or a machine that will be used for microneedling only. All the commands of this machine are on the headpiece, which makes it very mobile and easy to travel with. It was made in Korea and possesses all the certificates necessary worldwide.

These machines use ultra precise cartridges in 19 different variants. Their price is significantly lower than the price of cartridges produced in Germany. Cartridges have special hygiene patent with silicone membrane.

Simplicity Artist is primarily intended for beginners and students at the academy, while Simplicity Master has a purpose to be used by dermatologists and beauticians.

This gamechanger is going to set new limits and possibilities in the PMU world.

The device is supplied with a charging cable.

Warranty: 1 year


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