PhiRemoval Light Chemical Peel 10ml

PhiRemoval Light Chemical Peel 10ml

Only for professional use. For safety reasons send your certificate to for approval to view the products! or login if you have already been approved

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PhiRemoval Light Chemical Peel is a peeling formula with 15% glycolic acid, intended for smooth exfoliation of dead skin cells and boosting skin cells turnover.

It slightly improves and smoothes the texture of the skin, while diminishing the appearance of skin spots, scars, fine lines, wrinkles or other skin imperfections.

The peel targets problematic areas and removes layers of dead skin cells which are usually causing skin problems.

Only for professional use. For safety reasons, PhiRemoval products are only available to certified PHIREMOVAL students.

Send your certificate to for approval or upload it to your account.

***Deliveries to Canada and Austria are not allowed.


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