PhiContour SUPER Pigment – PowderBrows Collection

PhiContour SUPER Pigment – PowderBrows Collection

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PhiContour SUPER Pigments Brows Collection – Experience the Ultimate Permanent Makeup Solution!
Introducing the PhiContour SUPER Pigments Collection Brows, a remarkable range of permanent makeup pigments designed to provide artists and clients with the highest quality experience.

Our PhiContour SUPER Pigments have been carefully crafted to offer superior performance, safety, and satisfaction.

The PhiContour SUPER Pigments Brows Collection includes the following pigments, which are suitable for the following natural hair colors:
Brown 1 x 5ml: Naturally blonde or light brown hair
Brown 2 x 5ml: Naturally brunette hair
Brown 3 x 5ml: Dark brown, almost black natural hair color

Why choose the PhiContour SUPER Pigments Collection Brows?

Advanced formula: Our PhiContour SUPER Pigments feature a unique bioinert coating that adds an extra layer of defense against pigment migration. This creates a more effective permanent makeup experience.

Exceptional color retention: The PhiContour SUPER formula is designed to provide remarkable color stability. This allows clients to enjoy longer-lasting, fade-resistant eyebrow enhancements.

Faster healing: The specialized formulation of our PhiContour SUPER Pigments promotes shorter healing times. Your clients can show off their beautifully enhanced and healed brows sooner.

Versatile shade range: With three shades available; Brown 1, Brown 2 and Brown 3; our PhiContour SUPER Pigments Collection Brows caters to a wide range of skin tones and preferences.

Compatibility: These pigments are perfect for use with both manual blades, as well as PMU machines like the Simplicity Artist or Simplicity Master. Get optimal results with easy integration into your workflow!

Elevate your eyebrow permanent makeup services with the PhiContour SUPER Pigment Brows Collection, and discover why professionals around the world trust PhiShop for their beauty product needs.

Provide your clients with beautiful, longer-lasting brow enhancements that they’ll love.

We ensure that our pigments meet all the requirements for ingredients as specified by the new EU Pigment & Tattoo Ink Regulation 2022.

*Please be aware, the color displayed may not exactly match with the pigment in real life, due to variations of color grading displayed on screens.


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