PhiContour SUPER Pigment – Lips Collection

PhiContour SUPER Pigment – Lips Collection

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PhiContour SUPER Pigments Collection for Lips – Experience the Revolution in Permanent Makeup
Discover the PhiContour SUPER Pigments Collection for Lips, a premium selection of permanent makeup pigments designed to provide artists and clients with an unparalleled PMU experience.

PhiContour, a revolutionary technique in the world of permanent makeup, allows you to give your clients elegant lip contours and emphasize their natural beauty.

Our PhiContour SUPER Pigments have been meticulously developed to deliver unmatched results, safety, and client satisfaction.

The PhiContour SUPER Pigments Lips Collection includes the following:

Coral x 5ml

Flame x 5ml

Fuchsia x 5ml

Flamingo x 5ml

Nude Light x 5ml

25x Phi Tattoo After Care Gel 5ml

The pigments can be used separately or mixed together to create custom PMU Lip shades for clients (try our Phi Mixer tool to thoroughly mix pigments)

Why choose the PhiContour SUPER Pigments Lips Collection?

Cutting-edge Formula: The PhiContour SUPER Pigments have a one-of-a-kind bioinert coating. This adds an extra layer of protection against pigment migration, which ensures an efficient cosmetic tattooing experience.

Impressive Color Retention: The PhiContour SUPER formula has been crafted to deliver extraordinary color stability. This means your clients can enjoy longer-lasting lip color.

Faster Healing: Our PhiContour SUPER Pigments’ specialized formulation promotes faster healing times. This means clients can enjoy their results sooner!

Adaptable Color Range: Featuring five distinct shades, the PhiContour SUPER Pigments Collection for Lips caters to a broad spectrum of skin tones and preferences. Combine the pigment colors to produce custom shades.

Compatibility with Top Machines: The PhiContour SUPER Pigments are designed to work seamlessly with leading PMU machines. These include the Simplicity Master and Simplicity Artist, allowing for precise and effortless application.

Elevate your cosmetic tattooing with the PhiContour SUPER Pigments Collection for Lips, and find out why beauty professionals across the globe trust PhiShop for their beauty product needs. Provide your clients with longer-lasting lip colors they will adore.

We ensure that our pigments meet all the requirements for ingredients as specified by the new EU Pigment & Tattoo Ink Regulation 2022.

*Please be aware, the color displayed may not exactly match with the pigment in real life, due to variations of color grading displayed on screens.


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