PhiContour Midnight Black/Nightly Black SUPER Pigment 5ml – 2pcs

PhiContour Midnight Black/Nightly Black SUPER Pigment 5ml – 2pcs

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Pigments for permanent make-up technology.

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PhiContour SUPER Pigments, carefully developed by PhiAcademy and PhiShop, are trusted worldwide for their safety and high-quality cosmetic tattooing results.
Our PhiContour SUPER Midnight Black pigment is perfect to create a clean, precise look during a PMU eyeliner treatment.

PhiContour SUPER Pigments are available in 13 other shades, which all can be mixed (for a great pigment mixing tool, check out our Phi Mixer)!

The pigments can be purchased separately or as part of one of three sets: Lips, Brows and Base.

Why choose PhiContour SUPER pigments?

No Fillers or Preservatives: Our pigments are free from fillers and preservatives, ensuring an optimal, safe permanent makeup experience.

Bioinert Coating: The SUPER Pigment formula includes a bioinert coating, which adds an extra layer of defense against pigment migration.

Longer-Lasting, More Stable Color: The PhiContour SUPER formula offers outstanding color stability for longer-lasting results.

Faster Healing: PhiContour SUPER Pigments promote quicker healing times, allowing clients to appreciate their treatment results sooner!

Compatibility with Leading PMU Machines: Designed to work with top PMU machines, such as the Simplicity Master and Simplicity Artist.

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