PhiBright Serum Set

PhiBright Serum Set

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The PhiBright Serum Set is a skin care set for professional use during Microneedling/PhiBright treatments in the salon.

It consists of 15 different serums, suitable for every skin type and almost every skin issue!

During a Microneedling/PhiBright treatment, the epidermis is opened using fine needles. Afterwards, a serum is applied, which can work particularly effectively through this treatment.

These serums enable us to respond particularly precisely to customer needs, as they are ideally suited to dry, oily, mature and combination skin.

Haberlea Rhodopensis leaf extract promotes collagen production and increases skin elasticity, perfect for treating dark circles under the eyes. Plant extracts together with allantoin regenerate the skin and treat scars, while a special amino acid-mineral complex reduces wrinkles.

Another serum nourishes the skin, moisturises, reduces redness and creates an even complexion.

Furthermore, the PhiBright Serum Set is used to treat hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dry and irritated skin, freckles, skin spots or enlarged pores.

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